Technology on EWC

Welcome to! We are changing the negative dialogue about our world and innovation technology is a big part of that conversation! Here at EWC we publish one…

Image: Killer whales mother and baby breaching in the wild

19 minutes

GoPro and the Orca Rescue

…new thoughts on how to manage the remaining orcas in captivity. Today, we celebrate another EWC’s thought leaders with another great video share from GoPro. This one was shot on location…

Image: Giant manta ray swimming through the ocean

20 minutes

A Giant Oceanic Manta Ray of Hope

…and good nature of these giants of the sea, and we’ll celebrate the work of more EWC ThoughtLeaders: the amazing people around the world involved in studying and protecting Mantas. It’s…

Image: a family laying in their weeks worth of garbage

23 minutes

What if trash pick-up was annual?

“Away” is a strange adverb to use in association with the garbage we are relentlessly creating, as in “I’m just going to throw this away.” But today on EWC

Let Us Write for You

  Our staff ghostwriters… Are you looking to share a story but you just don’t have the confidence in your own writing ability to get your thoughts from brain…

30 minutes

#TryPod Let Us Introduce You!

…Source: Pixabay Throughout the month of March, Podcasters have been joining together with the movement #TryPod, to spread the world about Podcasts and share some recommendations. We thought it would…

Image: Two fighter jets , one flying above the other, up side down

12 minutes

Accomplish Any Goal by Reversing Things!

…saving money each month? What about de-cluttering your home? Choose a challenging but realistic goal to keep in mind when you watch today’s EWC video-share and we’ll have some fun with…

13 minutes

How to Survive a Rhino Charge

…stories to share with EWC readers for their Saturdays Around the World articles.) Source: WIKIPEDIA NAMIBIA This one happened in 1999 in Damaraland, in north central Namibia. Some of you…

Image: Graffiti that says, "You are Beautiful"

23 minutes

The Power of a Smile and a Compliment

…as worthy, beautiful, smart, and/or important? I know first hand how powerful this can be, in fact; when we launched EWC initially, it seemed like daily, through a beaming smile,…

Science on EWC

…our visitor favorites among the EWC Science Articles.   And once you have enjoyed these, you can head to our full list of Science related articles which expands every week! Notes: Isler, Jedidah….

Art on EWC

Welcome to! Here we are changing the negative dialogue about our world. Art adds to that conversation in many ways! You’ll find we publish one article each…

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Trampoline and Going to Extremes

thoughts? Mine were a mix of amazement and admiration. And those are the same emotions I’ve taken away from the work of so many thoughtleaders we’ve featured on EWC in…

17 minutes

Painting in a Pool of Milk?

…person?” Hang on! Don’t click away! This article is about much more than “art.” Just think about the first human being who thought to put a chunk of raw meat…

Animals on EWC

Welcome! You’ve just found a place to expand your sense that this is still an amazing world:! Scroll down this page to find our 25 Must-See…

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Turning Trash into Musical Instruments

this world so amazing. We are capable of boundless creativity, and most importantly that creativity can be transformative, and influential to others. Here at EWC, we love to celebrate thought leaders,…