9 minutes

The Mystery of the Hawaiian Islands

…only tells the origin story of the Hawaiian islands, but also a tale of the Earth’s deep history. It’s pretty amazing! So let’s head to Hawaii with Physics Girl! Via: Physics…

13 minutes

Biomimicry and Floating Islands

…how man-made floating islands can help bring up water quality… Via: PatriotLWM 4 Imagine scaling this innovative idea to tackle projects the size of some of the most important yet polluted…

25 minutes

An Adventure Atop the Tepuis

…also home to unique species found only on the tops of individual tepuis. Like islands hovering above the forest below, each tepui is home to endemic species found only on…

Image: Image of Coral Wonders that defy imagination

18 minutes

Coral Wonders That Defy Imagination!

…and tsunamis, reducing damage on adjacent land. Atoll islands continue to exist above the ocean’s surface long after the volcanic island upon which they first grew has cooled and sunk…

13 minutes

Beware! Crab Crossing Ahead!

Once a year on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean something amazing happens! Roads get closed, and tourists flock as one of nature’s most spectacular migrations begins….

Image: A child pulls back the water on a beach revealing all the plastic garbage

23 minutes

The Ocean Cleanup Project

Did you know that there is a floating island of plastic garbage, twice the size of France, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? I had no idea!…

12 minutes

At the Volcano’s Edge

…of the islands of Vanuatu, you can check out a recent article we wrote about one photographer’s mission to capture images of traditional life before it disappears. He has a great…