Image: Killer whales mother and baby breaching in the wild

19 minutes

GoPro and the Orca Rescue

…new thoughts on how to manage the remaining orcas in captivity. Today, we celebrate another EWC’s thought leaders with another great video share from GoPro. This one was shot on location…

6 minutes

Trampoline and Going to Extremes

…article out if you just have a few minutes!) Are all the socially acceptable thought leaders that much different than extreme sports enthusiasts? They have a passion and they use…

6 minutes

Why Do We Love the Mona Lisa?

…of thought leaders who create or become cultural icons. And maybe we won’t all become the next Leonardo da Vinci, or Jane Goodall, but wouldn’t the world be so much…

5 minutes

Creative Disruption in Food!

…Hampton Creek – who have taken a new approach that fundamentally changes the direction of food production. Here’s what can happen when thought leaders use a radically different starting point…

Image: Wounda the Chimpanzee hugging Jane Goodall

6 minutes

A Thank You From Wounda

…them out! Via: the Jane Goodall Institute 23 Roots and Shoots gets directly to the heart of those that can, and will, be thought leaders for the future. You can learn more…

Image: Giant manta ray swimming through the ocean

20 minutes

A Giant Oceanic Manta Ray of Hope

…to hear from you!. Just discovering us here at Ever Widening Circles? We feature stories about thoughtleaders like this every day. (In fact, if you’d like to follow this train…

7 minutes

Bearing the Torch

Every generation has its torch bearers: the thought leaders who are passionate enough to risk everything. Bearing the torch is a huge but greatly rewarding task. Source: MIMIC STUDIOS…

17 minutes

Painting in a Pool of Milk?

…person?” Hang on! Don’t click away! This article is about much more than “art.” Just think about the first human being who thought to put a chunk of raw meat…

Image: a family laying in their weeks worth of garbage

23 minutes

What if trash pick-up was annual?

…next weekend,” versus those evoked by telling someone to “Just throw that away for me.”  The thought of “going away” infers adventure and may even prompt a wonderful sense of discovery….

Image: Danny Strasser on a long board in a bobsled track

9 minutes

Master of Extreme Sport, Filmmaker, Teacher?

…day, down into deeper, calmer water. And of course, those extremes in Strasser’s talents are what interested us today. Here at, we love to celebrate thoughtleaders who can show us the…

Source: Endangered Alphabet Carving

12 minutes

Endangered Alphabets

…the thought leaders we feature on EWC each day, once again, Tim has found a way to combine disparate things in a new way that seems to resonate with many….

7 minutes

Love Knows no Labels

…college who I thought had become one of those cynical people, afraid of anyone who didn’t think like he did or agree with his politics (sound familiar?). Yikes! I haven’t…