14 minutes

An Adventure in Urban Wildlife

Do you really have to be in the wilderness to experience the magnificence of nature? For many of us, the words “urban” and “wildlife” are not natural associations….

25 minutes

An Adventure Atop the Tepuis

Imagine an otherworldly landscape with massive flat-topped mountains rising above a rainforest, and waterfalls cascading into the vegetation below. This otherworldly spectacle isn’t a work of fiction. These magnificent…

28 minutes

Climbing China’s Remarkable Rocks

…fortunate to be in a time now where we can document these moments of adventure and discovery. On expedition with National Geographic… To capture those three and a half minutes…

Image: Tribal girls covered with white ash, with flowers in their hair

24 minutes

Cultural Beauty: Before They Pass Away

…photos and read about his adventure, step by step. Head over to beforethey.com to go on a big adventure without leaving your cozy surroundings. We’ll be back tomorrow with another…

12 minutes

Tower Climbing: Celebrating Safety

…an adventure travel business that is licensed to take people to the top. They even have an offering they call “family fun!” You can read about them by visiting MacauTower.com.mo/adventure….

12 minutes

At the Volcano’s Edge

…and power of life at the edge of one of the world’s most active volcanoes. We begin with a brief overview of what compelled Cossman to take on this adventure,…

6 minutes

Ask Smithsonian

Do you ever have the urge to just check out, leave, go on an adventure? Today, you can do that without ever leaving your chair and we show you…

Image: Artist Louisa Ulrich-Verderber paints her math teachers' bathroom

16 minutes

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

…or playing fantasy sports. Creative Curriculum What if we all could tap back into our 9-year old sense of adventure and courage? Would we take our hobbies and actually make…

Image: Boabab Trees flank a road where women walk with children and chickens

7 minutes

Mystical Trees from Around the World

…rural landscapes. A key aspect of our adventures are the trees with their arching quality, so often replicating an embrace. Source: THE TELEGRAPH AND NARENDRA SHRESTHA // EPA With their variety,…

6 minutes

The Word We have No Words For

…so easy to just curl up with a laptop or tablet, much the same as the previous generation lost their sense of personal adventure to television watching. This is Dr. Chuck…

7 minutes

Hop on the Hollywood Science Hotline

…At its best, science is an adventure, an ongoing search for what is new and engaging. And in both film and television, the compelling nature of science is shaping storylines.”…

Image: Ladakh for EverWideningCircles.com

7 minutes

Maptia: Travel with Photographer/Adventurers

…where great travel writer/photographers are sharing their stories and breathtaking images, and we can all take a trip without every leaving our web connection. Northern Ireland: We started our family adventures…

28 minutes

Hunting with the Help of the Golden Eagle

…to create something that incredible? Luckily, for this amazing adventure, there is an equally as jaw-dropping behind the scenes video to accompany it. I will openly admit there were some parts…

23 minutes

Monica Lewinsky Can Teach Us a Lot

…consider the price of shame. How about another insightful article or maybe a fun one? Try our “Surprise Me” button if you want to have a little adventure in innovation…

9 minutes

The Secret Life of the Snowy Owl

What if we could experience the life some of the planet’s most secretive creatures firsthand? What would it be like to see what they saw? Sit where they sat?…

6 minutes

The Himalayas from 20,000 Feet

…include Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse.” 46 Source: TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH Thanks for going on a little adventure with us today at Ever Widening Circles. Some of our article…